Heart Container

Heart Container locations. How to get them all.

Heart Container Locations

No. Location Task
1 Forest Temple Defeat Forest Temple Boss Stagnox.
2 Snow Temple Defeat Snow Temple Boss Fraaz.
3 Ocean Temple Defeat Ocean Temple Boss Phytop.
4 Fire Temple Defeat Fire Temple Boss Cragma.
5 Sand Temple Defeat Sand Temple Boss Skelritch.
6 Rabbitland Rescue Speak to the keeper after catching five or more rabbits.
7 Hyrule Castle Have a crack at Captain Russell's minigame and hit the soldiers 100 or more times.
8 Castle Town Try Take 'em all minigame which you can play in the southeast building of the town.
After beating the minigame for your first time, you receive a heart container.
9 Snow Sanctuary A heart container is purchasable for 2000 rupees at Anouki's General Store.
10 Ends of the World Beat Braintwisting Boulder Puzzle to achieve a Heart Container.