Hyrule Castle

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Hyrule Castle in Forest Realm.

On Your First Visit

  • Talk to the shorter of the two guard in front of the entrance. Tell him you attend the graduate ceremony today, and he'll let you pass.
  • Head for the throne room. Talk to the guard at the bottom of stairs. Chancellor Cole will let you pass. Go into the throne room.
  • You'll have audience with Princess Zelda at the graduate ceremony. Receive the Engineering Certificate and a letter from Princess Zelda. Read Princess Zelda's letter after the ceremony.
  • Go out of the castle by the bottom-right door on the second floor. Then go into the secret entrance to the northeast.
  • Now you are in another section of the second floor. Take stairs at the back to visit Princess Zelda's private quarter.
  • Talk with Princess Zelda. You'll receive the Recruit Uniform. Leave her room with Princess Zelda, and take her to outside unnoticed.
    It's no problem when you get noticed by the guards, but make sure no guards will find Princess Zelda. If Zelda is caught by the guards, she will be sent back to her private room.
  • Now you've got to cross the castle yard with Princess Zelda.
    Distract a couple of soldiers by talking to them, and make Princess Zelda sneak out while the soldier is looking the other direction.
    The third soldier you run into is a tougher one. He's not to be distracted just by being talked to. To get this soldier distracted, throw rocks behind him. He'll turn around and Princess Zelda can sneak behind him.
  • Now no more soldiers in your way. Get out of Hyrule Castle with Princess Zelda.
  • Link, Alfonzo, and Princess Zelda will leave for the Tower of Spirit. On leaving the castle, the tracks will disappear into thin air. Then a monstrous train, Chancellor Cole and Byrne appear. After the ensuing event, you'll be sent back to Hyrule Castle.
  • You'll wake up on the bed in Hyrule Castle. Get out of the room and walk south to see incorporeal Princess Zelda is floating around.
  • Follow Princess Zelda to the throne room, then to her private quarter. Talk with Princess Zelda in her room and she'll entrust you with the Spirit Flute.
  • Visit the training room. It's located at the northeast of the first floor. Speak to the captain to borrow a sword. You'll receive the Recruit's Sword, then have some sword session.
  • Leave the castle by the exit at the back of the castle. There is a hidden entrance to Tunnel to the Tower. You must throw the bomb on the top ledge to reveal the hole. Talk to the soldier outside the castle to learn where you should throw the bomb at.
  • Go into the dungeon, Tunnel to the Tower.

After Obtaining Snow Rail Map

  • When you come to the post near the castle, you'll receive a letter from Alfonzo.
  • Visit Alfonzo in the castle. After talking with him, Alfonzo will leave for the station.
  • Follow Alfonzo to the station. Get on board with him, then head for Aboda Village.