Aboda Village

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Aboda Village in Forest Realm.

On Your First Visit

  • When you wake up, talk with Nico and Alfonzo.
  • Throw away the rocks in front of the east house. Talk to the girl who lives in this house and receive 20 rupees from her.
  • Roll into the tree with a beehive. After running away from the bee, talk to the kid who were previously standing next to the beehive. Receive the Bee Larvae from him.
  • Visit the station at the north of the village. Have a word with Alfonzo and set off for a journey to Hyrule Castle.
  • Alfonzo will tell you how to operate the train. When another train comes closer, choose the correct path not to crash into it.
  • Your destination, Castle Town is at the northeast end of tracks. When you get closer, tap the gear so as to bring your train to a halt.

After Taking Alfonzo Back to Aboda Village

  • Visit Nico's house to receive the Stamp Book from Nico.
  • Talk to Alfonzo at the station. He'd have your train equipped with a cannon so that you can get rid of monsters, shoot bomb trains and other stuffs during your travel.
  • Get on the train and head northwest for Snow Realm. You can pay a visit to Rabbitland Rescue on your way to Snow Realm.