Snow Temple

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Snow Temple in Snow Realm.

Explore the Dungeon

  • You'll come across a block with a bell on it. Hit the bell twice with your sword to open a new path.
  • Obtain the Boomerang after eliminating four enemies in an enclosed room. Use the Boomerang to hit switches, or light torches.
  • When you find a smaller bell than the one you had hit before, notice the score near on the wall. Slide the block with the smaller bell to the room where the larger bell has been. Then follow the score that shows you the order of ringing the bells. Use your Boomerang to ring them in the correct order. A new path will open.
  • When you come to the room filled with water and a torch at the center, hit the torch with the Boomerang. Your Boomerang will carry the blue flame and make the water surface turn into a piece of ice so that you can walk on it. Note that the water is frozen only momentarily, it will turn into water after a while.
  • To go through another room filled with water, first move the block into the water. Hop onto the floating block, then use the Whirlwind toward the oppsite direction from which you want to move.
  • When you come across the Boss Key, blow it with your Whirlwind from the north side of the room. The Boss Key will be blown away to the south side of the room, so carry it to the door to the boss' lair via the bridge at the south side of the room.
  • After defeating the boss Fraaz, the energy will run again through the Tracks, from Snow Temple to Tower of Spirits. A lower section of Tower of Spirits is now restored to its original state.
  • After purchasing the Bomb Bag at Beedle's Shop, return to Tower of Spirits.

Boss: Master of Icy Fire Fraaz

  • Note that you can get your Boomerang flamed if you throw it to the torch with red fire, and frozen if you throw it to the torch with blue fire.
  • Ready your Boomerang. When Fraaz's body turns red, draw a line to the torch with blue fire, then red Fraaz. When Fraaz is blue, draw a line to it via the torch with red fire. If aimed well, Fraaz will pass out. Hit him with your sword repeatedly while Fraaz is unconcious.
  • When Fraaz divide itself into two smaller monsters, hit the red one with your frozen boomerang, then the blue one with flamed Boomerang. It might be hard to tell which one is red or blue, since the two monsters look the same. See the Map on the upper screen to discern the color of the monsters.
  • Fraaz will smash the two torches. From this point, you must make use of the remaining fire from Fraaz's attacks on the floor. The red fire works in the same way as the red torch did, so does the blue fire as the blue torch. Hit Fraaz with your Boomerang, either flamed or frozen, depending on its present color of body.
  • Now Fraaz divides itself into two smaller monsters again. This time you must eliminate both of them with one blow of your Boomerang. If you kill one of them and leave the other alive, the remaining one will cast a magic to resurrect the dead one.
    Hit them with the Boomerang in either order as below.
    red fire, ice monster, blue fire, fire monster
    blue fire, fire monster, red fire, ice monster
    Remember to hit all these four stuffs with one throw.
  • After defeating the pair of smaller monsters, Fraaz will be back to its original state and attack you with fire again. Hit it with your Boomerang as you did before, then with your sword after it passes out. You'll defeat Fraaz with a couple of sets of slashes.