Tower of Spirits (To Obtain Ocean Rail Map)

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Tower of Spirits on your third visit to retrieve the Ocean Rail Map.

Retrieve Ocean Rail Map

  • This time, you have to proceed in the dark. Light torches when you come across one.
  • Collect three Tears of Light on Floor 9. First collect two of them searching on floor 9. The last Tear of Light is in the hidden chamber at the northeast corner of the floor. Two Phantoms are roaming about in the top-right section of the floor. Blow out the torch at the northeast end so that you can see faint light coming through nearby wall. Bomb the cracked wall to reveal the hidden chamber that contains the last Tear of Light.
  • After obtaining three Tears of Light, you can defeat a Phantom by hitting it in the back. When you defeat one, Zelda will slip into the Phantom.
  • On Floor 10, head southeast toward the Boss Key. Tap the red door sealing the Boss Key, then draw "Z" on the screen. The door will open.
    Have Zelda (Phantom) carry the Boss Key, while you deal with three hands that try to prevent Zelda from reaching the door to the Boss' lair. Keep hitting those monsters so that Zelda can carry the Boss Key without being attacked. When Zelda throws the Boss Key to the door, the path will open and three hands will disappear.
  • Defeat the Mini-Boss with Zelda. Hit the Mini-Boss in the back while Zelda is attacking it from the other side.
  • On Floor 11, you will obtain the Ocean Rail Map.
  • Return to the entrance of the tower. Speak to Anjean to set off for Trading Post.