Beedle's Shop

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Beedle's Shop.

What is Beedle's Shop?

  • While you are traveling, you will notice an icon of Beedle's face on the Map. This is Beedle's Shop.
  • Beedle's Shop is an airship floating high in the sky, and not accessible if you don't call him. To call Beedle, blow the whistle when you come close enough to Beedle's Shop. When Beedle recognizes your whistle, his airship stops floating around and comes down to the ground. Pull up by the airship, then you can enter Beedle's Shop.
  • Beedle's Shop appears in any realm after you clear Snow Temple.

Get the Bomb Bag

  • After clearing Snow Temple, you'll receive a letter from Beedle, the owner of the balloon shop, when you come to a post.
  • Leave the area where you received the letter, then come back again. Examine the post to receive another letter from Russell, the Guard Captain.
  • Visit Beedle's shop somewhere in the realm. You can find the shop (the icon of Beedle's face) on your Map, so it'd be easy enough to follow it. At Beedle's shop, buy the Bomb Bag for 100 rupees. It already contains 10 bombs, so there's no need to buy additional bombs for now.