Fire Temple

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Fire Temple in Fire Realm.

Explore the Dungeon

  • You'll obtain the Bow and Arrow after defeating a tortoise. To defeat this tortoise, first stick to one of the electric serpent-like monsters around the room. Be sure to be close enough to it, but not to touch it. Wait until the tortoise attacks you, and guide the tortoise to the direction of the serpent so that the tortoise would smash right into the serpent to be paralyzed. Attack the tortoise with your sword while it is fainted.
  • After defeating the Boss Cragma, go back to Tower of Spirits.

Boss: Lava Lord Cragma

  • First, shoot the shining spot on Cragma's belly with your Bow. It's not visible at the beginning of battle, and will only be shootable when Cragma raises its arms before its attack.
  • After you shoot the shining spot, Cragma bangs the platform hard with its fists. Then a boulder falls from above. Wait Cragma's fists to hit the floor while you are standing by the boulder, so that the boulder will be smashed into pieces when Cragma attacks you and the boulder at the same time. A piece of hard lava comes out of the boulder, so carry it and throw it onto the pillar of lava to the right of the platform. Jump on the hardened lava, then on the cart beside it.
  • The Cart will start moving automatically when you hop into it. Now aim at the shining spots on Cragma's body with your Bow and Arrows. Be sure to shoot every shining spot when you pass by one. As long as you keep shooting the spots, Cragma will be in pain and cannot gather the strength to catch you. When your cart comes to the highest level, shoot Cragma's eye with your Bow and Arrow. Cragma will lose consciousness and fall to the ground. Get off the cart and hit Cragma by the shining spot with your sword.