Tower of Spirits (To Obtain Anjean's Force Gem)

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Tower of Spirits on your fifth visit to obtain the Anjean's Force Gem.

Explore the Dungeon

  • Obtain all three of Tears of light as usual to enhance your sword. Then attack one of the Phantoms in the back to have Zelda slip into it. This time Zelda will be a Wrecker Phantom, which can smash blocks which can also be got rid of by Bombs in her way.
  • A Wrecker Phantom can also pull the large blocks on the way. After Zelda slip into a Wrecker Phantom, have Zelda pull and push the large blocks on the floor to collect some treasures.
  • When you come across the lava on Floor 21, Zelda says she can't carry you this time as a Wrecker Phantom. Visit Floor 22 to find another kind of Phantom and have Zelda slip into it so that she can carry you on the lava.
  • When you find the Boss Key, you must carry it all the way through the floor. Have Zelda carry the Boss Key, while you defeat four hands that would try to get hold of the key and bring it back to the original place. Defeat the first and second hands by hitting them with your sword. When Zelda come to the north of the floor, kill the rest of hands by shooting them with your Bow and Arrows since you can't reach these hands. Guide Zelda to the panel with a circular symbol on it, then you step on the same kind of panel at the same time. You and Zelda's place will be reversed, so have Zelda bring the Boss Key to the door to the Boss' lair.
  • Defeat the Boss Byrne. After fighting him, follow Byrne to the top of the Tower of Spirits. You'll witness Byrne, Cole and Malladus in a cutscene.
  • After the ensuing event, Anjean will tell you about the Bow of Light. You'll receive the Force Gem from Anjean. This Force Gem will enhance the tracks in the northern part of Ocean Realm, letting you have access to the Sand Temple.
  • Visit some post. It's waiting to deliver a letter from Niko to you. You'll receive an old map with the letter. It shows you the spots where you can find hidden treasures in Aboda Village. When you visit Aboda Village, stand on the spot and play the Song of Discovery to reveal the buried treasure chests. You can obtain the Ruto's Crown and the Pirate's Necklace.
  • Head for Ocean Realm to visit Sand Sanctuary.

Boss: Byrne

  • First, dodge all attacks from Byrne until he unleashes his whip to trap you. When you dodge the whip, the end of the whip will fall lying on the floor. Have Zelda (Phantom) pull the end of Byrne's whip while it is lying on the floor. Byrne will fall down to the floor fainted, so pound him with your sword to do damage on Byrne.
  • After doing some damage on Byrne, he begins to fight on the floor. Hit Byrne with your sword until he leans backward. Byrne gathers his strength some seconds later, and Zelda says "Leave it to me!". Hide behind Zelda and Byrne will attack her, and they begin to push each other. Hit Byrne in the back with your sword while Byrne is facing Zelda.