Sand Sanctuary

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Sand Sanctuary in Sand Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • Visit Sand sanctuary at the center of Sand Realm. There are two seeker stones and a sign. Wake up both seeker stones by playing the Song of Awakening to learn hints as to where the Lokomo Sage should be. Also be sure to read the sign.
  • Leave Sand Sanctuary and explore Sand Realm to find three great statues. Draw a line from each statue to the direction it is staring at. The lines are supposed to cross at one spot. You can detect the crossing spot by surveying two statues, but you can be more sure if you bother to have a look at the last statue.
  • After finding the spot where the three gazes meet, return to Sand Sanctuary. Sand Sanctuary is actually a miniature of Sand Realm. Bomb the same place as where the crossing spot should be on the railmap. When you bomb the right place, a stairway leading to the sage's chamber will appear.
  • Have a session with the last Lokomo Sage, Rael. The tracks to Sand Temple will be restored. You can reach Sand Temple via Fire Realm.
  • Head for Fire Realm via newly restored tracks. You must go through three trials to reach Sand Temple.
  • The first trial takes place in the cave connecting Ocean Realm and Fire Realm. You have to defeat a crab-like monster, which you've already met once in a cave in Snow Realm. Blast its eye with your cannon. When it closes its eye, shoot the barrels on the walls, so that the barrel explodes and opens the monster's eye.
  • When you defeat the monster, you'll get out of the cave to take the second trial. This trial is called twisted tunnels. When you go through tracks here, watch your map to be sure to which direction you are heading. Head for the exit at the southeast. When you pass through the correct path, you should be back in Ocean Realm, this time on the tracks surrounding Sand Temple.
  • Now the third and last trial. Blast every turret on the pyramid with your cannon. After getting rid of all the turrets, the entrance to Sand Temple will open up.
  • Go into Sand Temple to explore the dungeon.