Sand Temple

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Sand Temple in Sand Realm.

Explore the Dungeon

  • Obtain the Sand Stick.
  • Defeat the Boss, Skelritch.
  • After defeating Skelritch, a stairway down to basement 4 appears. Go down the stairs and obtain the Bow of Light from the treasure chest.
  • Return to your train to talk with Anjean and Byrne. Receive the Lokomo Sword from Anjean. Head for Tower of Spirits.

Boss: Ancient Demon Skelritch

  • Skelritch's body is divided into five sections. You must break all parts of its body by launching the rocks Skelritch shoots back at itself.
  • Use the Sand Stick to create a wall. When a rock Skelritch emits hits the wall, it'll come to a halt. Guide the rock and place it on the shooter using the Sand Stick. Launch the rock toward Skelritch so that the lowest part of its body would collapse.
  • After breaking two lower parts, you need to have the rock hit Skelritch from a particular angle. Observe Skelritch's body to see the side where it is not armored and vulnerable to attacks. Have the rock hit there so that it works and make the part of body collapse.
  • After all parts of Skelritch's body collapse, you need to hit its head with your sword. Use the Sand Stick to create a wall of sand to capture Skelritch so that it's not running around, then create a platform of sand on which you can stand and reach Boss' head. When you successfully do this, batter Skelritch's head with your sword.