Tower of Spirits (To Retrieve Compass of Light)

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Tower of Spirits on your sixth visit to obtain the Compass of Light.

Explore the Dungeon

  • Climb up the tower to reach where Malludus was resurrected. Shoot two eye-shaped switches with the Bow of Light. The stairway leading down to Floor 30 will appear.
  • Proceed through another dungeon. You've got the Lokomo Sword this time, so you don't have to enhance your sword with Tears of Light anymore. When you come across a Phantom, hit it in the back to have Zelda slip into it.
  • Obtain the Compass of Light in the last room. The Railmap of Forest Realm will begin to glow ominously. New tracks will appear at the southwest of Forest Realm.
  • After obtaining Compass of Light, you'll receive a letter from Ferrus when you pass by a post.
  • Head for Dark Realm via newly appeared tracks.


  • No Boss