Dark Realm

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Dark Realm, how to defeat Armored Bomb Trains.

Boss: Armored Bomb Trains

  • Eliminate all five armored Bomb Trains. To defeat this Bomb Train, first you must take a Tear of Light. Your train will begin to shine for a while, so hit the Bomb train while your train keeps emitting the light.
    When you pick up a Tear of Light, it'll reappear at the same place after some seconds. No worries about running out of Tears of Light.
  • After Defeating four of the Bomb Trains, the last Bomb Train is released from the northwestern rails. The last Bomb Train will run through northeastern rails and northwestern rails. Remember the route it runs through, then wait by the Tears of Light on the northeastern rails. When the Bomb Train gets closer, take the Tear of Light and hit the Bomb Train to kill it.
  • Go through the gate to fight Malludus' Train.