Malludus' Train

Zelda ST Walkthrough - How to defeat Malludus' Train.


Boss: Malludus' Train

  • When you defeat all of the Bomb Trains, you'll fight Malludus' Train.
  • First, Malludus' Train throws barrels from the Freight Car. Blast the barrel just before it is thrown out of the freight car. After blasting barrels at each turret, the fourth freight car of Malludus' Train will be detached from its body.
  • When Malludus' train emits a high-pitched sound, it will change rails. Use the reverse gear to slow down your train quickly and dodge Malludus' train's attack. As long as you aren't running side by side with Malludus' Train, it can't hit you.
  • Then you must eliminate the next set of turrets. The turrets projects laser beams, so be careful not to touch them. When you break all of the turrets, the third freight car of Malludus' train will be detached.
  • This time, you must blast all of the turrets again. There are more turrets than before, and the turrets are being rotated. Shoot the turrets when it comes to your side. After blasting all of the turrets, the second freight car of Malludus' Train will be detached.
  • Now all of Malludus' Train's freight cars are detached. Speed up your train to pass it, then blast the train's face repeatedly with your cannon. Malludus' Train will cry in agony and explode.
  • After talking with Anjean and Byrne in your train, go out to fight Malludus Zelda Forme.