Malludus (Zelda Forme)

Zelda ST Walkthrough - How to defeat Malludus Zelda Forme.

Boss: Malludus (Zelda Forme)

  • Now Malludus himself comes out of the train. He stands at the end of the train roof. To defeat Malludus, you must have Phantom reach it. Stay behind Phantom to avoid the laser beam Malludus projects.
  • When Cole casts four white bugs at Phantom, hit the bugs with your sword. If you let a bug touch Phantom, Phantom will be trapped by the strings Cole holds. Cole will attack you by marionetting Phantom. Cut the strings Cole uses to control Phantom by throwing the Boomerang at them, releasing Zelda from the strings.
  • When you come closer to Malludus, draw a line from Phantom to Malludus to have Phantom seize Malludus. An event ensues.
  • After a set of cutscenes, fight Malludus Cole Forme.