Malludus (Cole Forme)

Zelda ST Walkthrough - How to defeat Malludus Cole Forme.

Boss: Malludus (Cole Forme)

  • Zelda will concentrate to cast magic. Protect Zelda by hitting rocks thrown at her with your sword. When Malludus throws four rocks at one time, use spin attack to hit all of the rocks.
  • When Zelda gets ready, have a session with Zelda. You'll play your part with the Spirit Flute.
  • After revealing the sealing symbol on Malludus' back, Zelda will shoot the Arrows of Light at the symbol on Malludus' back. Malludus will attack Zelda, so distract Malludus by hitting him by the leg. When Malludus turns its back to Zelda, shoot the arrow at the sealing symbol. As to when to shoot, watch the upper screen. It shows Zelda's view. After shooting the sealing symbol successfully three times, Malludus will fall. Hit Malludus with your sword while he is fainted.
  • When you do enough damage on Malludus, you'll spear Malludus' head with Master Sword (Lokomo Sword). Rub the screen until it is done and defeat Malludus once and for all.