Ocean Temple

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Ocean Temple in Ocean Realm.

Explore the Dungeon

  • Obtain the Whip after defeating the Mini-Boss who holds a Whip.
    At the beginning of the battle, you'll be caught by the Mini-Boss' Whip. When the Mini-Boss pulls you closer to it, hit it in succession with your sword. After doing this several times, the Mini-Boss will be defeated.
  • You can go across the chasm by hitting a pole with your Whip. You'll find the Boss Key on Floor 6. You have to come to Floor 6 from southeast in order to reach the Boss Key.
    Remember the placement of the blades on Floor 6. All of the blades. Then go back down to Floor 5 to arrange the placement of the blades so that it will match the one on Floor 6. When you do this correctly, the door at the southeast of the floor will open. Take the southeast stairs to reach the southeast corner of Floor 6.
  • Now you are at the southeast corner of Floor 6. Pull the plug with your Whip to have the propeller fly. Stick to the propeller by your Whip until you reach the platform on which the Boss Key rests.
  • Hit the switch near the Boss Key to create a bridge to the north. When you cross the bridge with the Boss Key, five hands will appear here and there on the floor. They try to catch the Boss Key to bring the key back to its original place. Note that the hands can't cross the bridge, so you and the Boss Key should be safe as long as you are standing on the bridge. You can reach the door to the Boss' lair with the Boss Key like this:
    First, cross the bridge to let the hands appear. Then put the Boss Key on the bridge so that none of the hands can reach the key. They just keep trying to reach the Boss Key to no avail, so kill them one by one with your sword. After defeating all of them, carry the Boss Key to the door to the Boss' lair. If you encounter a hand on the way, put the Boss Key nearby, kill it quickly then carry the key to the door.
  • After defeating the Boss, return to Tower of Spirits via newly restored tracks.

Boss: Phytop

  • You must reach the uppermost platform first. Use the Whip to go over to the next platforms. You'll find two roots with thorns and an eye on your way to the summit. Hit a thorn with the Whip to part it with the root, then throw the parted thorn to the yellow eye. When its sole eye is hit, the root will disapper.
    Hit the plug you'll find at the end of the set of ledges with your Whip. Stick to the propeller and it will carry you up to the uppermost platform.
  • The real fight will begin when you reach the uppermost platform.
    The boss will hit you with its spiked roots. Dodge its attacks, then hit a thorn on one of its roots with the Whip. Throw the thorn to the Boss' eye. After hitting its eyelid twice, the eye will be visible and vulnerable to your attack. Hit the eye by throwing a thorn one more time to make Phytop pass out. Beat its eyes with your sword to do damage to the Boss while it's fainted.