Forest Temple

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Forest Temple in Forest Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • Forest Temple has three floors. Look for and obtain the Whirlwind first.
  • Defeat the mini-boss with the Whirlwind. Aim at the mini-boss with the Whirlwind and wait until it launches a skull. If you cast the whirlwind at the right moment, the skull will fly back to the mini-boss, making the monster pass out. Attack the mini-boss with your Recuit's Sword while it is fainted.
  • When you come across the Boss Key at the northeast of the third floor, carry it to the door to the boss' lair. While carrying the Boss Key, two hands will appear halfway through the path to catch you. You'll manage to get away from the hand if you take the shortest route.
  • Defeat the boss Armored Colossus Stagnox.
    First, aim at Stagnox's abdomen with the Whirlwind. Blow away the gas evaporating from it. Then attack with your sword while Stagnox is unconscious.
    Next, Stagnox will soar up high into the air. It will drop three of its larva. Hit the larva with your sword so that it will curl up into a spiked sphere. When Stagnox flies at you, give it a blow by casting a whirlwind at its curled up larva. If aimed well, the larva will fly into Stagnox, causing an explosion making Stagnox pass out. Attack Stagnox with your sword while it is lying on the floor.
  • After defeating the Stagnox, the energy will run again through the Tracks, from Forest Temple to Tower of Spirits. A lower section of Tower of Spirits is now restored to its original state.
  • Return to Tower of Spirits.