Tower of Spirits (To Obtain Snow Rail Map)

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Tower of Spirits on your second visit to retrieve the Snow Rail Map.



  • This time, you must obtain the Snow Rail Map on the 7th floor. Go up the spiral staircase and enter the dungeon on the 4th floor.
  • Collect all three of the Tears of Light. Your sword will be enhanced so that you can defeat Phantoms by hitting them in the back. After defeating one of the Phantoms, Zelda will slip into it.
  • When you come across the lava, have Zelda (Phantom) go through the lava first. Guide Zelda next to the ledge and tap her to jump onto her shield. Zelda can carry you on her shield while passing across the lava.

Floor 5

  • Defeat the mini-boss. First guide Zelda to hit the mini-boss. Draw a line from Zelda to the monster, and Zelda will attack automatically. While the mini-boss is under attack from Zelda, attack the mini-boss in the back.
  • The blue wall before the next stairs is shut fast. You need to activate windmills in order to open the wall. Jump onto Zelda to cross the lava, then walk around in search of the windmills. When you find one, blow it with your Whirlwind. With two windmills activated, the blue wall will open.

Floor 6

  • You'll find a small key on the high ledge with spikes. To obtain this small key, you need Zelda to carry you on her shield to reach the height of the ledge. First hop onto Zelda from a ledge to the west of the one with the small key. Then go through the passage, but be wary of the columns of fire. When you reach near the small key and you're still on Zelda's shield, use the Whirlwind to blow the key off the ledge. Jump off from Zelda to retrieve the Small key.

Floor 7

  • Obtain the Snow Rail Map.
  • Head to Hyrule Castle to meet Alfonzo.