Ends of the World

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Ends of the World in Fire Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • After delivering Cuccos to Rael, the Lokomo Sage of Sand Realm, you'll receive a Force Gem from her. This Force Gem will enhance tracks in the northeast of Fire Realm, providing you with access to Ends of the World station.
  • Visit Ends of the Worlds at the northeast end of Fire Realm. This field has three dungeons, and each dungeon has three boulder puzzles inside, which you should already have seen in Sand Temple.
  • The name of three dungeons are Braintwisting Boulder Puzzle, Brainteasing Boulder Puzzle, and one more. You can obtain Heart Container, the Palace Dish, and one more treasure at the end of each dungeon respectively.
  • After obtaining a treasure in the last room, exit the room by the bottom-right corner and proceed along the way. You'll find another treasure chest on a high platform, which contains a big green rupee (worth 100 rupees).