Post Game Adventures

List of DQ9 Post Game adventures! There are more to come even after you beat DQ9!

Get Hold of Starflight Express

  • After you watched the ending scene, visit Jona's house at Porth Llaffan. Receive a Quest request from Jona.
  • Collect Flowing Dress, Silver Shield and Watermaul Wand. Visit Cuddiedig Cliff to meet Jona. Defeat the real Lleviathan.
  • Eat the Fygg Lleviathan gave you to meet Stella. Get on Starflight. Receive Sterlin's Whistle to eventually get hold of Starflight Express.
  • After you take over Starflight Express, you can fly to anywhere in the world by this vehicle. You don't need to travel via monster-infested ocean on your ship anymore.

Visit Tower of Nod

  • You can visit Tower of Nod located at the north end of Western Coffinwell by Starflight Express.
  • It's no use visiting this tower before you transgress Extra Quest 159-162. Without completing these quests, Nodoph, a dragon which dwells at the top of Tower of Nod, won't wake up.
  • In order to receive Extra Quest 159-162, you need to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. While you are in a place where you can connect your Nintedo DS System to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, go to Quester's Rest, the inn at Stornway. Then speak to Sellma and get connected to Wi-Fi. While you download today's DQVC, all the Extra Quests available now are automatically downloaded.
  • After downloading Extra Quests, zoom to Wormwood Creek to visit mayor in his house. Speak to the Mayor to begin the Quest 159.

Visit Islands Surrounded by Rocks

  • If you'd sailed around the world on your ship, you probably have noticed some islands you can't reach by ship. They are surrounded by rocks and have no way in. However, now that you got hold of Starflight Express, you can fly there.
  • Such islands are located at such places as below:
    northeast of Cringle Coast
    east of Eastern Stornway

Visit Other Places by Starflight

  • There are other places you can visit only by Starflight Express. Here's the list.
  • Angel Falls
    There is a spring in a cave in the east Angel Falls. It's located on a high mountain you can't reach by foot. This mountain is infested with Slime-family monsters, such as Slimes, She-slimes, and King slimes. Metal slimes, Metal medleys, and Liquid metal slimes also appear in this area. A Liquid metal slime produces more than 40000 experience points when beaten, so be sure to visit this place to do some leveling up.
  • Eastern Wormwood:
    You can visit the high mountain on which you can see two wells at the east of Eastern Wormwood field. Visit both wells to receive Quest requests.
  • Newid Isle:
    Visit the great tree surrounded by lakes in the southeastern area of Newid Isle. You can acquiesce to take up two Quests here. One is from a monster Cyclops, the other is from a kid who is a friend of Cyclops.
  • Hermany:
    There is a high mountain near the center of Hermany. Visit the summit by Starflight Express.
    You can receive a Quest request from a guy who lives in the hut. Examine a bookcase to take up another Quest.
  • Wyrmneck:
    You can see an elevated place with a well on it near the north end of Wyrmneck. Disembark from Starflight.
    This place spawns Thinkincense, so you can pick up some. You can also receive a Quest request in the well.
  • Wyrmtail:
    You can visit a cave at the north of Wyrmtail by Starflight. First fly to the high platform in northern Wyrmtail. You can see an entrance to the cave next to it.
    Go into the cave to find skeleton residents there. You can take up three Quests from skeletons.

Call Up Patty and Sellma as Party Members

  • After transgressing certain Quests, Patty and Sellma become available as your Party Members at Patty's Party Planning Place.
  • To have patty as your party member, first beat the Quest Erinn requests after you beat this game. You must talk to Erinn from behind counter to receive her Quest request. After finishing this Quest, talk to Erinn again to receive another Quest "Perk Up, Patty!". When this Quest is transgressed, you have Patty in the waiting line at Patty's Party Planning Place. Patty is a Lv28 Thief.
  • As for Sellma, you must beat another Quest "Has Sellma Sold Out?". Talk to Sellma from behind counter after you finish "Perk Up, Patty!" to take up this Quest.