Porth Llaffan

DQ9 Walkthrough - Porth Llaffan walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Talk to Jona, a girl standing on the shore in the morning praying for Lleviathan. Jona will ask you to come to her house at night.
  • Rest until night at the inn, then visit Jona. Her house is at the east end of the village.
  • When you visit Jona's house, she leaves for Mayor Bryce's residence. Follow her to the mayor's house.
  • After watching a cutscene, return to Jona's house with her. Answer her question. Sleep the night.
  • When you wake up in the morning, Jona is no longer in the village.
  • Leave Porth Llaffan to look for Jona. Get out of the village by the exit at the back of Mayor Bryce's residence to appear in the southwest part of Newid Isle.
  • Visit Tywll Cave via Newid Isle.

After Defeating Lleviathan

  • Talk to the fisherman on the boat to leave for Slurry Quay.


  • When you beated this game and watched the ending scene, you might have noticed a Fygg has fallen into the ocean near Porth Llaffan. Visit Porth Llaffan.
  • Visit Jona's house. In case you forgot, it's at the east end of the village. Talk to Jona, then acquiesce to her request to take up the Quest Follow this Fish!.
  • Rest until night at the inn. Then go out on the shore to find a ghost. Talk to the ghost to learn she was once a Lleviathan's serenader. She tells you what you need to perform the ritual to call Lleviathan, which are Flowing Dress, Silver Shield and Watermaul Wand.
  • Go to Jona's house and talk to her. Jona leaves for Cuddiedig Cliff.
  • Collect all three items to perform the ritual. They can be bought at such places as below:
    Flowing Dress: Wormwood Creek armour shop
    Silver Shield: Stornway armour shop (the female warrior sells it)
    Watermaul Wand: Bloomingdale weapon shop
  • After you collect three items, head for Cuddiedig Cliff to meet Jona.