DQ9 Walkthrough - Bloomingdale walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Enter the town of Bloomingdale at the southwest of the field.
  • Go to the dock at the north end of the town. Talk to the old warden standing in front of the ship.
  • Head to Marison Bloome's residence. Have a word with the guard, then go into the mansion.
  • Visit Marison Bloome. She is in the right room on the first floor. Speak to her and watch an ensuing event. Marison Bloome shuts herself away in her private room.
  • To make Marison come out of her room, first you must talk with Marison's old nanny. She lives in the house just across Marison's mansion. The nanny tells you about the toymaker.
  • Visit the toymaker who made Marison a doll. The toymaker lives in the house next to the church. Ask the toymaker to come with you to get Marison out of her room.
  • When you return to Marison's residence, go into her private room to find out she was kidnapped. After the toymaker leaves the room, you'll see a ghost of a girl. Follow the ghost to the graveyard.
  • There is three gravestones at the graveyard. Examine Marison's gravestone and watch an ensuing event.
  • Leave Bloomingdale and head north to visit Bad Cave.

After Beating Bad Cave

  • Visit Marion Bloome's residence one more time. Find Marionette at the graveyard. Examine Marionette to obtain a Fygg.
  • Go to the deck, then talk to the warden of the ship. Climb aboard and now the ship, Pride of Bloomingdale is yours. You can explore all over the world on this ship.
  • When you set out on the ocean, first sail to the south, then to the northeast along the edge of a continent. Pass by two islands of Pluvi Isle, and still proceed to the north. When you find a very large island just to the west of the eastern continent, disembark from the ship to appear in Djust Desert.