Wormwood Creek

DQ9 Walkthrough - Wormwood Creek walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Wake up and talk with Wallace, then the Mayor.
  • Rest until night at the inn. Then visit the church to attend the meeting. Talk to the Mayor to be told to leave Wormwood Creek. Wallace runs off from village.
  • Follow Wallace to Eastern Wormwood.

After Talking with Serena at Spring

  • Examine the Guardian Statue, which has been left unattended next to the village store. Then Wallace comes running up to you. Talk with Wallace to get some clues as to where Serena buried her stuff.
  • Visit the church and examine the top-right tomb. Obtain the Serene Necklace.
  • Go back to the spring at the north of Eastern Wormwood to hand Serena the Necklace.