Eastern Wormwood

DQ9 Walkthrough - Eastern Wormwood walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Go north and cross the bridge to the north of Wormwood Creek. Then go west to appear in an area surrounding a spring.
  • Examine the wall near the spring to find a hidden passage. Visit the hidden chamber to find Wallace.
  • Talk to Wallace, and he leaves for Wormwood Creek.
  • Leave the hidden chamber, then a mysterious girl Serena appears. Serena asks you to bring her something that she had buried next to the Guardian Statue at Wormwood Creek.
  • Return to Wormwood Creek.

After Obtaining Serene Necklace

  • Go back to the spring where you met Serena. Hand her the Serene Necklace.
  • Serena leaves for The Bowhole alone. You must visit The Bowhole by the northwest exit of Eastern Wormwood.