Cringle Coast

DQ9 Walkthrough - Cringle Coast walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • You can visit Cringle Coast via the field of Snowberia. This area is located to the north of Snowberia.
  • Monsters such as Brrearthenwarrior, Great Gruffon, Shivery Shrubbery, Tearwolf, and White Trigertaur appear in Cringle Coast.


  • After you get hold of Starflight Express, you can visit the island at the northeast on the World Map. The island is part of Cringle Coast. You can only reach this island by Starflight, because it's surrounded by rocks to prevent ships from coming.
  • When you land on the island, go down to the southern shore, then go to the west end to find a cave. Find a corpse holding a letter to his captain. You can receive a Quest request from him.