Eastern Stornway

DQ9 Walkthrough - Eastern Stornway walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • You can visit Eastern Stornway, though there isn't much to do here.
  • Eastern Stornway consists of the eastern shore and some plains. It's located to the east of Stornway Castle.


  • After you get hold of the Starflight Express, you can fly to the island to the east of the shore of Eastern Stornway. This island is part of Eastern Stornway.
  • On this island lives two men who were both dead Anabella's sweethearts. First visit the house at the south of the island to receive a Quest request "Nicholas' Necklace."
  • After you transgress this Quest, visit the north house to meet Woody to receive a Quest request "Not Nicholas' Necklace".
  • You can take up a Quest from Nicholas again after completing Woody's Quest, and vice versa. You can take up these Quests as many times as you like to get your reward.