Stornway Castle

DQ9 Walkthrough - Stornway Castle walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Go up to the throne room and watch a scene. Talk to King Schott.
  • Leave the castle to look for Wight Knight. First visit Stornway again to prepare for the fight.

After Defeating Wight Knight

  • Visit Stornway Castle again. Talk to the king in the throne room.
  • Leave the throne room. Princess Simona will ask you to visit her private chamber.
  • Visit Princess Simona's private chamber. Princess Simona will tell you about Brigadoom and her former nurse, who lives in Zere.
  • Leave Stornway and go north to appear in Zere. Go northwest to visit Zere village.

After Defeating Morag

  • Talk to King Schott in the throne room, then go up the stairs at the back of throne room. Go east, then enter the treasure chamber to receive your reward from treasure chests.
  • When you leave the castle, Stella will tell you to return to Starflight.