DQ9 Walkthrough - Starflight walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • At first, Starflight is lying at Mountain Pass. Get on Starflight and talk with Stella.
  • Starflight won't move for now. Leave the train and go north to reach Western Stornway.

After Collecting Benevolessence at Stornway

  • After receiving your reward from King Schott, leaveStornway Castle and visit Stornway. Even though you can't see it, Stella tells you there is plenty of Benevolessence in the town.
  • Return to Mountain Pass. Go into Starflight again with Stella.
  • After a cutscene, talk with Stella, then leave for the checkpoint at the northeast of Western Stornway. Pass the checkpoint to appear in Western Coffinwell.

After Collecting Benevolessence at Coffinwell

  • After collecting Catharhina's Benevolessence at Coffinwell, visit Starflight again.
  • Get on Starflight. This time the train will take you to Observatory.

After Collecting Seven Fyggs

  • When you obtain all seven Fyggs, visit the shining tree as Stella tells you. Just in case you forgot, the shining tree is located on Newid Isle, just to the west of Alltrades Abbey.
  • Examine the shining tree to embark on Starflight.
  • Aquila, your missing teacher, appears in the car. Answer his question, then hand him all the Fyggs. A battle ensues. Fight against Aquila, but this time you can't do anything in battle, so you just can't win. When Aquila attacks, you'll just faint.
  • Watch a cutscene, then wake up in Wormwood Creek.


  • Talk with Sterlin to receive Sterlin's Whistle (It's one of Everyday Items, not Important Items).
  • Talk to Stella to have her instruct you how to handle Starflight Express.
  • From now on, you gain control of Starflight Express. You can visit certain places in the world where you couldn't reach by ship before.