Alltrades Abbey

DQ9 Walkthrough - Alltrades Abbey walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Go into the building of Alltrades Abbey. As you proceed, you'll see some men are having trouble because Jack of Alltrade is missing.
  • Go north to the back of the building and talk to the man dressed in red cloaks. He tells you Jack of Alltrade has been missing.
  • Go downstairs and talk to a Martial Artist, then a maid to learn Jack of Alltrades has eaten the Fygg.
  • Return to the man in red cloaks to inform him Jack ate the golden fruit and went odd. The man in cloaks teaches you a party trick, Bow.
  • Leave Alltrades Abbey to visit Tower of Trades.

After Beating Tower of Trades

  • Have a word with Jack of Alltrade, who now has returned to his place in Alltrades Abbey.
  • From now on, you can change vocations. Talk to Jack of Alltrades to change your paths and take up a path of another standard vocation.
  • You can't take up advanced vocations first. To unlock paths of advanced vocations, you must beat some Quests from certain people in the basement.
  • Visit Porth Llaffan via Newid Isle. Porth Llaffan is at the southwest of Newid Isle.