DQ9 Walkthrough - Observatory walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit Apus Major on the second floor.
  • Go up to the fifth floor to offer up the benevolessence to Yggdrasil. After offering it up, talk with Aquila.
  • Return to the first floor. Talk to the woman who stands guard over the entrance to Protectorate.
  • Visit Angel Falls in Protectorate again.

After Coming Back from Angel Falls

  • Visit Yggdrasil to offer up the benevolessence.
  • After the ensuing scene, you'll fall to Angel Falls in Protectorate.

After Collecting Benevolessence at Coffinwell

  • After you collect Benevolessence at Coffinwell, come back to Observatory on Starflight.
  • Watch a cutscene before landing on Observatory. Talk with Apus Major.
  • Visit Columba, who is praying in front of the memorial stone of Corvus. You can reach the memorial stone by the northwest door on the first floor.
  • Go up to the top of Observatory. Examine the Yggdrasil and pray until you have a strange dream.
  • Wake up from your dream, then talk with Apus Major.
  • Get on Starflight and meet Stella again. Go down for Newid Isle in the Protectorate.

After Escaping from Gortress

  • Talk to Apus Major on the second floor. He leaves for the uppermost level of Observatory.
  • Follow Apus Major to the uppermost level. Talk to Apus Major, then enter the Starflight.
  • Talk to Stella, then Sterlin. Watch a scene and you'll reach The Realm of the Almighty.

After Meeting Godess Celestria

After Releasing Corvus

  • Talk with Apus Major, then go up to the uppermost level of Observatory.
  • Examine Yggdrasil and watch a cutscene. Obtain a Fygg.
  • Get on Starflight and talk with Sterlin, then eat the Fygg.
  • Talk with Sterlin to head for Realm of the Mighty.