Angel Falls

DQ9 Walkthrough - Angel Falls walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Watch a cutscene and talk with your teacher Aquila.
  • After an ensuing event, defeat a Cruelcumber and two Slimes with Aquila.
  • Obtain the benevolessence, then fly up to the Observatory with Aquila.

On Your Second Visit

  • You must get two crystals of benevolessence first.
    One is to be obtained in the hut at the west of village. After you collect all five Horse Manures, the horsekeeper will come in and emits the benevolessence.
    The old lady praying at the church has the other. First, talk to the dog in the east section of village. The dog will lead you to the Keepsake Ring. Pick the ring up and go back to the church. After handing the Keepsake Ring to the old lady, the other benevolessence will appear.
  • After collecting two crystals of benevolessence, night falls. Talk to Aquila at the center of village. Then talk to the roaming ghost to the east. He'll vanish and leave a crystal of benevolessence.
  • Talk with Aquila and return to Observatory.

After Losing Halo and Wings

  • Last time you visited Angel Falls, you were invisible and unable to talk to anyone. This time you are as visible as the villagers and can talk with them.
  • You talk with Ivor and Hugo, then Erinn. Erinn takes you to her home.
  • Speak to Erinn and sleep a night at her house. Wake up next morning and talk with Erinn, then Ivor. Ivor will take you out of Erinn's house. Ivor will join your party.
  • Leave Angel Falls by the south exit with Ivor. Go northeast to reach Mountain Pass.

After Visiting Mountain Pass

  • Visit Ivor's house at the northwest of the village. Talk with Mayor Litlun and Erinn. Leave the mayor's residence and talk with Erinn.
  • Leave Angel Falls and head for The Hexagon. When you go out of the village, go south and follow the southern path to the east. Go into The Hexagon.

After Beating The Hexagon

  • Visit the Inn and watch a scene.
  • Leave the Inn. Meet Edwinn, Erinn's father, in front of Erinn's house. When you talk to Edwinn, a fairy Stella will intervene. The Battle Record is now accessible via Menu.
  • After talking with Edwinn, go search for what Edwinn had hidden when he was alive. Examine a bush at the back of the Inn and you'll find the golden trophy, Inny.
  • Hand the Inny to Erinn. She is in her room. Watch a scene after handing the Inny to her.
  • Leave her room and talk with Edwinn and Stella.
  • Watch a scene next morning. Erinn will leave for Stornway.
  • Talk to a girl named Questella in front of the church. You can accept quests from peaple from now on.
  • Leave Angel Falls and visit Mountain Pass to get on the celestial train, Starflight.