The Hexagon

DQ9 Walkthrough - The Hexagon walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Go north and read the writing on the north wall. When you finish reading, a ghost will appear.
  • Follow the ghost to the statue. Talk with the ghost, then he will vanish. Examine the statue and the wall at the northeast of first floor will lower, revealing a new path. Take stairs on the right to get to the basement. If you take the left stairs you can find a treasure chest, so do it if you need some more items.
  • Head north in the basement of the dungeon. Then proceed until you find a woman named Patty. Talk to Patty, and the boss The Hexagon will appear. Defeat the boss, The Hexagon.
  • After getting rid of the monster, you leave the dungeon with Patty. Patty will leave alone for Angel Falls. Return to Angel Falls.