Realm of the Mighty

DQ9 Walkthrough - Realm of the Mighty walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • This is Corvus' fortress, and Corvus has made it into what he thinks is to his taste. It's pretty much different from The Realm of the Almighty, which it used to be. It's a very long and formidable dungeon. So before heading off, be sure that your HP and MP are fully restored, and you have plenty stock of Medicinal herbs or Special medicines. It's also recommended to have lots of Magic water or Sage's elixir in your bag, since the monster would be just about tough and flourishing enough to drown all of your MP.
  • Climb up the dungeon until you find the first Boss, Goreham-Hogg. Defeat Goreham-Hogg, which should be pretty easy because he got no stronger than when you fought him at Gortress. Obtain the Densinium after defeating it.
  • When you defeat Goreham-Hogg, it just vanishes. So take stairs behind where it used to stand. Press in a bit more. When you come across a long vine leading down to L1, be sure to climb down the vine and unlock the door on L1. This way, you can reach the higher levels more quickly if you happen to get wiped out and have to climb the fortress all over again.
  • Meet Hootingham-Gore on your way, and defeat him. It'll be an easy task, since you've already defeated him once at the entrance of Gittingham Palace. Obtain the Malicite.
  • Climb up the tower until you find Purrvis-Gore. Defeat the Boss Purrvis Gore, which will also be easy for you. Just watch out when Purrvis-Gore unleashes Hatchet Man. When successfully hit, it always deals a critical attack and can kill one of your party members with one blow. Obtain the Agility ring after the fight.
  • Take stairs leading up to Palace of the Mighty.

After Defeating Corvus at Palace of the Mighty

  • Follow the ledge to find a new shining stairs have appeared. Go up the stairs to reach the enormous red sphere.
  • Examine the red sphere to fight the Boss, Barbarus. Defeat Barbarus to obtain the Yggdrasil leaf.
  • Examine the red sphere to begin the battle with Corvus. Defeat the final boss, Corvus.
    Corvus spews Fire Breath that may paralyze your party members when hit. This could be really annoying, so it's good to take some remedy for paralysis with you. Your priest can cast Tingle to get rid of paralysis of course, but what if your priest himself is actually paralysed? So having some Moonwort bulbs, which cure paralysis, is highly recommended. Although Softwort is even better, which purges a party member of the effect of paralysis, and at the same time restores around 60 HP. You can buy Softwort at the Item shop at Bloomingdale, so be sure to buy some and bring them with you.
  • After defeating Corvus, it's ending scene.