The Realm of the Almighty

DQ9 Walkthrough - The Realm of the Almighty walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Go up the shiny stairs and examine the sealed door to make it open. Press in until you reach the temple.
  • Go into the temple with Apus Major, Sterlin and Stella to find that the throne room has been destroyed.
  • Take stairs to L2. When you find the alter, everyone else catches up with you. Offer up the seven Fyggs.
  • Watch a cutscene and talk with Celestrina. All of you return to Observatory.


  • You can visit The Realm of the Almighty after getting hold of Starflight. First get on the starflight and press A to see the message "Disembark here?". Select "No" to see "Head for Realm of the Almighty?". Select "Yes" to visit the Realm of the Almighty.
  • You can meet Godess Celestrina at the temple' alter. She can send you to Realm of the Mighty, which still remains as it was as Corvus' Fortress. If you want to do some leveling up at Realm of the Mighty, be sure to talk to Celestrina.