Gittingham Palace

DQ9 Walkthrough - Gittingham Palace walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • When you come to the entrance, watch a scene and meet Lieutenant Hootingham-Gore. Then defeat the Boss, Hootingham-Gore and obtain the Sage's Elixir.
  • Hootingham-Gore appears along with two Bad Karmours. First focus on beating Hootingham-Gore, and after defeating him, get rid of the rest. It might be hard if you don't have a Mage in your party, because Bad Karmours tend to cast Kabuff to raise their own defense. If you have a Mage in your party, you can catch up on their increased defense by casting Oomph on your Warrior. Casting Boom or Frizzle on Bad Karmours is also good enough, but an Oomphed Warrior is far better.
  • Proceed through the dungeon until you reach the rooftop. Talk to Lieutenant Goresby Purrvis to begin the battle. Defeat the Boss, Goresby-Purrvis. Obtain the Sceptre.
  • After defeating Lieutenant Goresby-Purrvis, go into the throne room to face King Godwyn. Watch a scene and talk to King Godwyn. Defeat the Boss, King Godwyn.
  • You must defeat King Godwyn twice. The latter Godwyn is apparently the harder, so don't use up your MP in the first battle. Reserve as much MP as you can to put to use in the second battle.
  • Watch an ensuing scene and talk with Aquila.
  • Go to the place there used to be the sealing wall to the prison. As you reach there, the seal vanishes this time. Just proceed and take stairs leading down to the chamber connecting to Obeliette.
  • Talk to the priest in the chamber if you need to save. Then take stairs leading down to Oubliette.