DQ9 Walkthrough - Gortress walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Listen to the conversation between Lieutenant Goreham-Hogg and a monster. You'll be sent to a cell.
  • Examine the door, then talk with your neighbor in the next cell. Sleep a night.
  • Wake up next morning, then you must do your labor as a prisoner. Get out of your cell and take stairs to appear in an open place. Talk with Sterlin to have him join you.
  • Look everywhere around the Gortress as Sterlin tells you how things work here. After looking around every corner, Sterlin leaves you.
  • Talk to Sterlin standing at the center of the place. At the night, Sterlin tells you his plan.
  • Next morning, a prisoner is dragged to the gallow. Talk to Sterlin and watch an ensuing scene.
  • After the rebellion commences, you can leave Gortress by the south exit. Go out of Gortress to appear in The Gittish Empire field, then cast Zoom to appear in Stornway. Visit Quester's Rest, and speak to Patty at Patty's Party Planning Place. Call up your party members. After reuniting your party, cast Zoom again to return to Gortress.
  • Pass through the sealing wall to reach the guarding tower at the north end of Gortress. Enter the tower by the upper entrance.
  • Go up the stairs to find the shield generator. Examine the generator to eliminate the sealing wall.
  • Go out of the tower to meet Sterlin. Follow sterlin into the building under the tower.
  • Find Sterlin facing Lieutenant Goreham-Hogg. Defeat the Boss, Goreham-Hogg. Obtain the Tough Guy Tattoo after defeating the Boss. Obtain the Ultimate Key from the left treasure chest in the room.
  • Take stairs down to the lowest level. Open all four cells that contain Celestrians. Save four Celestrians and leave the building.
  • Watch an ensuing scene. Meet Stella again and return to Observatory on Starflight.