DQ9 Walkthrough - Coffinwell walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit Mayor Laria's residence. It's the mansion at the north end of the town.
  • Talk to Mayor Laria. He is in the east room on the second floor.
  • Leave the Mayor's residence and visit the house to the west of it. The Mayor's daughter Catharhina is sleeping on the bed. Talk to her and she leaves for the laboratory.
  • Visit the laboratory near the house. Go into the lab with Catharhina, then talk to Phlegming. Phlegming will tell you about the cause of contagion around Coffinwell.
  • Report Phlegming's work to Mayor Laria. Receive the Quarantomb's Key from Mayor.
  • Talk to Phlegming in the lab. Phlegming will leave for Quarantomb.
  • Leave the town and head west via Eastern Coffinwell to visit Quarantomb.

After Beating Quarantomb

  • Visit the west house and examine Catharhina on the bed. Watch a scene.
  • After the funeral, talk to the Mayor Laria standing at the high bit of the town in front of his mansion. The Mayor will ask you to visit him tonight to receive your reward.
  • Rest at the inn and sleep until night. Visit Mayor Laria in his room to receive the Feather Hairband.
  • Talk to Catharhina in front of her tombstone. She asks you to help Phlegming out.
  • Examine the door of laboratory, which is shut fast for now. With Catharhina's hint, you can meet Phlegming.
  • Phlegming will join your party. Take him to all the townspeaple who suffered from the contagion. Let him talk with those peaple.
  • After talking with all the peaple, Phlegming goes back to laboratory. Catharhina will give you some benevolessence though you can't see it. Leave the lab and sleep a night.
  • Leave Coffinwell and visit Mountain Pass to get on Starflight.