Western Coffinwell

DQ9 Walkthrough - Western Coffinwell walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Leave Western Stornway by the northeast exit and cross a bridge to reach Western Coffinwell.
  • Head north to the town of Coffinwell.

Western Island

  • There is an island only accessible by ship to the west of Western Coffinwell.
  • To reach this island, first Zoom to Stornway, then go north to find your ship and get on board. Then follow the river north to reach this island.
  • There is nothing on this island, but a building with a cow inside it.


  • After you come into possession of Starflight Express, land at the north bit of Western Coffinwell. You can see a very high tower in this area. This portion of Western Coffinwell had been unaccessible on foot.
  • Visit Tower of Nod.