Virbank City

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Explore Virbank City!

  • When you first enter the gate to Virbank City, speak to the gatekeeper to receive some Great Balls.
  • Enter Virbank City to have a phone call from Mom. Proceed a little to find Roxie argue with her father. Roxie leaves for the Gym, while Roxie's father goes off to apply for acceptance in the PokeStar Studios.
  • You can pick up the Poke Toy in the house to the east of the Pokemon Center. When you use the Poke Toy, you never fail to flee from Wild Pokemon.
  • Receive the Burn Heal from a Nursery Aide in Virbank Preschool. Examine the trash can outside the Virbank Preschool to get more item.
  • The Roughneck in front of the Virbank Gym gives you some Poke Balls.
  • Visit Virbank Complex to train your Pokemon before challenging the Virbank Gym.

Challenge Virbank Gym!

  • All trainers in the Virbank Gym use Poison-type Pokemon.
  • Defeat the Gym Leader Roxie to receive the Toxic Badge and TM Venoshock.
  • You meet a talent scout from Pokestar Studios after the Gym Battle. Go to Pokestar Studios.

Chase Away Team Plasma!

  • After you shoot your own film at Pokestar Studios, return to Virbank City. You find three Team Plasma Grunts gathered around the boarding point. Roxie and Hugh begin fighting against them, so defeat one of the grunts to back them up.
  • The Team Plasma Grunts run off to Route 20. Head to Route 20 with Hugh to find the grunts.

Head for Castelia City!

  • After the incident with Team Plasma Grunt on Route 20, come back to Virbank City. You find Roxie and Pop Roxie in front of the pier.
  • Visit the boarding point to meet Hugh. Hugh registers himself in your Xtransceiver.
  • Pop Roxie returns to his ship as the captain. Speak to Pop Roxie to have him sail to Castelia City.

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