Virbank Complex

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Explore Virbank Complex!

  • Speak to the foreman of Virbank Complex. The foreman is the guy near the entrance. Battle with all the three workers in the complex as the foreman tells you to. Receive TM Rock Smash as a token of gratitude from the foreman.
    To have Pokemon Battles with all the Workers, you must look for each of them first. Each Worker belongs to a particular place in the complex. You meet the first Worker in the southeastern corner of the complex. Then climb up to the ledge and walk on the rail until you reach the northeastern platform beside a gas holder. You find the second Worker right there. As for the third Worker, the last can get the most trickiest. Walk west on the catwalk from the platform on which the second worker is, then find a Youngster on a ledge. Walk south from the ledge and jump off the rail before you reach the end. You find the third and last Worker in a patch of tall grass.
  • Speak to the girl in the southernmost area after registering every Pokemon you can see in Virbank Complex in your Pokedex to receive the Great Balls. Don't forget to register Audino, which you can find in rustling grass.
  • Find a scientist muttering to himself in front of the distillation tower. Speak to the scientist, and he leaves for somewhere else. Follow the scientist to a place near the Smokestacks and talk to him again to make him leave. Next time you find the scientist beside the gas holder in the southernmost area. Speak to him to receive some item.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Audino Step on rustling grass
Elekid Walk in tall grass. Pokemon White2 version exclusive
Growlithe Walk in tall grass
Koffing Walk in tall grass
Magby Walk in tall grass. Black2 version exclusive
Magnemite Walk in tall grass
Patrat Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Pokemon How to Meet
Lass Uses weak Pokemon. Female counterpart of Youngster
Worker Appears in places like factory and mine
Youngster Uses weak Pokemon. Male counterpart of Lass

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