Castelia City

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Harlequin Hunt!

  • You come to Castelia City with Hugh on Pop Roxie's ship. Hugh runs off to hunt for Team Plasma.
  • When you leave the pier to appear on the outskirts of the city, a Harlequin tells you about Harlequin Hunt and gives you the Bicycle.
  • To complete the Harlequin Hunt, you must find all the other three Harlequins in Castelia City. Each Harlequin belongs to a certain place in the city, therefore you might need to look for them all through the city. Actually, the Harlequins are in places as follows: the Medal Office, Passerby Analytics HQ, and the Battle Company.
  • After you find every Harlequin, talk to the clown who gave you the Bicycle to receive the Rare Candy as a prize.

Head to Castelia Sewer!

  • The Castelia Gym is on the right side of the westernmost street. Speak to the guide blocking the entrance to the Gym. Iris appears and says the sewer is the suspicious place.
  • Follow Iris to the eastern part of Castelia City. Iris is waiting for you near the Pokemon Center. When you catch up with her, Iris proceeds to Thumb Pier, where the entrance to the sewer is located. Enter the Castelia Sewers.

Explore Castelia City!

  • When you first go to the Pokemon Center, a Tennis player stands in front of the reception desk. She tells you all about the Geonet.
  • Go to Passerby Analytics HQ to take on missions to observe other players. You can also teach some words to workers in the office.
  • Visit Game Freak to battle with two Game Freak trainers. Game Freak is located on the right side of Castelia Street. You can battle each trainer once a day.
  • Speak to a female Ace Trainer on the first floor of a building to receive either one of Miracle Seed, Charcoal, or Mystic Water. Choose your answer carefully, because it corresponds to what you get. Generally, you should answer honestly because the item you get boosts up moves of the type which the Pokemon you mentioned belongs to. You'd want to get an item to enhance moves your starter Pokemon uses most often. However, you can actually lie to the Ace Trainer if you want a different item.
    In case you answer Snivy to the Ace Trainer's question, you get the Miracle Seed. Answer Tepig to receive the Charcoal, while you need to say Oshawott to get the Mystic Water.
  • Casteliacone is the icecream shop on the left side of Mode Street. You can buy the Casteliacone once a day. You may order either one or a dozen of them.
  • Atelier Castelia is located on the right side of Mode Street. Talk to the Clerk in the top-right corner of the room, and he says he wants to see a certain type of Pokemon. Bring the Pokemon, then speak to the Clerk again to receive a berry. You can choose one from five species.
  • On the first floor of Medal Office, there are two useful people who may be a big help to you sometimes. One is the Name Rater, who changes the name of your Pokemon. Note that you can only change the name of Pokemon you got yourself, not by traiding with other players. You can't change the names of Pokemon other players caught and were then given to you. The other useful character is the masseuse. She gives your Pokemon massage once a day. Let your Pokemon enjoy her massage to raise friendship.
  • On the second floor of the Medal Office, you can confirm which rank you're currently in as a medal collector by speaking to the woman or examining the graph on the wall in the top-right corner of the floor.
  • The third floor of the Medal Office belongs to Fennel, a Pokemon Trainer researcher. Fennel tells you about Game Sync, while Amanita shares her knowledge about Pokemon Box and Pal Pad.
  • Enter the building on the side of the street that leads to Route 4. Receive the Eviolite from the scientist on the first floor. You must speak to him after you see a certain number of Pokemon in Unova Pokedex.

Conquer Battle Company!

  • The Battle Company is located on the outskirts of Castelia City. When you first go into the buiding, the Janitor gives you the Exp.Share.
  • First take the elevator and go to the lower floor. Battle with every Clerk. Some Clerks have something like Quick Ball and Timer Ball to give away to you after battle.
  • Receive the Scope Lens from the scientist in the bottom-right corner.
  • Go to the top floor to battle with the president. The president is a School Kid and uses Eevee and Herdier.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Audino Step on rustling grass in the empty lot
Buneary Walk in tall grass in the empty lot
Cottonee Walk in tall grass in the empty lot (Black2 version exclusive)
Eevee Walk in tall grass in the empty lot
Pidove Walk in tall grass in the empty lot
Rattata Walk in tall grass in the empty lot
Whimsicott Step on rustling grass in the empty lot (Black2 version exclusive)

Trainers List

Pokemon How to Meet

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