Castelia Sewers

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Explore Castelia Sewers!

  • When you first come to Castelia Sewers, you meet Hugh near the entrance. Hugh joins you and heals your Pokemon after every battle.
  • You should explore Castelia Sewer first. You'd find Team Plasma Grunts immediately, but don't go near them if you're planning on looking around the area first. Remember Hugh heals your Pokemon every time they get injured, which come in pretty handy when exploring the place.
  • Head south to appear in the area composed of intercommunicating sewers. You can battle with some Pokemon Trainers.
  • The Doctor in front of the lab heals your Pokemon every time you talk to him once you defeat the Doctor.
  • Visit the lab, where a female scientist makes medicines by extracting chemicals from the water in the sewers. Speak to the scientist once a day to receive some kind of medicine item.
  • There is a kid who dropped something in the sewers near the entrance. You can't pass him until you chase away Team Plasma from Castelia Sewers. Come back to the place after you defeat Team Plasma to find the kid has disappeared. Now you can proceed to the empty lot at the center of Castelia City, where you can catch some valuable Pokemon.

Defeat Team Plasma!

  • Head north from the entrance to find two Team Plasma Grunts. Get closer to them, and Hugh will ask you to join him in Pokemon Battle. Defeat two Team Plasma Grunts, who use Sandile and Scraggy.
  • The grunts just flee after the battle. Meet Burgh and a capricious scientist. Burgh returns to Castelia Gym.
  • You can either continue north to proceed to Relic Passage or return to Castelia City.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Grimer Walk on the platforms
Rattata Walk on the platforms
Zubat Walk on the platforms

Trainers List

Trainer Note
Doctor Heals your Pokemon after you win the battle
Janitor Appears in places that needs cleaning

[Castelia Sewers / Unova Region]