Route 20

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Head to Floccesy Ranch!

  • First go east and cross the bridge. Head north and turn west, then continue west until you reach the westernmost side. Go north to appear in Floccesy Ranch.

Visit Virbank City!

  • After you receive the Basic Badge from Cheren, come to Route 20 and speak to the hiker blocking your way to the east. Defeat Hiker Jerome to pass.
  • Continue along the path until Cheren and Hugh catch up with you. Receive the Pecha Berry from Cheren. Cheren tells you about dark grass.
  • Head east to appear in Virbank City.

Look for Team Plasma Grunt!

  • Come to Route 20 after chasing away Team Plasma from Virbank City. One of the Team Plasma Grunts is still hiding in the vicinity.
  • First head all the way back until you reach where the road connects to Floccesy Town. Then just go east and look at the small opening to the south to find a Team Plasma Grunt. Engage him in a Pokemon Battle.
  • When you defeat the remaining grunt, Hugh appears. Return to Virbank City to join Hugh on his way to Castelia City.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Patrat Walk in tall grass
Purrloin Walk in tall grass
Sewaddle Walk in tall grass
Sunkern Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Pokemon How to Meet
Lass Female counterpart of Youngster. Uses weak Pokemon
Nursery Aide
Preschooler Uses weak Pokemon
Twins Do a Double Battle
Youngster Male counterpart of Lass. Uses weak Pokemon

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