Virbank Gym

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Silence Roxie's Band!

  • Virbank Gym is also a rock club in which Roxie's band is practicing right now. Receive the Fresh Water from the guide, then enter the venue.
  • The Gym Leader, Roxie can't hear you until you make the other band members stop playing. In order to battle with Roxie, you must defeat the Guitarist and the Roughneck first.

Defeat Gym Leader Roxie!

  • Roxie uses Koffing and Whirlipede. Roxie's Pokemon use Venoshock, which presumably is a Poison-type move. Venoshock inflicts double damage if the opponent is already Poisoned.
  • After the Gym Battle, receive the Toxic Badge and TM Venoshock from Roxie.
  • The scout from Pokestar Studios asks you to join him in the Pokestar Studios. The scout and Roxie leaves the Gym. Head to Pokestar Studios.

Used Pokemon List

Pokemon Trainers who use the Pokemon
Grimer Roughneck
Koffing Roughneck, Roxie
Venipede Guitarist
Whirlipede Roxie

Trainers List

Trainer Note
Roughneck Uses Pokemon that have evil appearance

[Virbank Gym / Unova Region]