Pokestar Studios

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Explore Pokestar Studios!

  • You meet the scout and Mr. Deeoh at the entrance. While Mr. Deeoh is getting ready, the scout shows you around in the Pokestar Studio.
  • Watch a movie featuring Roxie's father and Brycen in the theater. It features Pop Roxie as Riolu Man and Brycen as Brycen Man. Roxie's father leaves the Pokestar Studio.
  • You meet Mr. Deeoh and Brycen in the sound studio. Now it's time to shoot a film yourself. First you must shoot the Brycen Man with Pokestar Studio's rental Pokemon, Riolu. You act as Riolu Kid in the movie. The line you choose is important, so don't choose the one that Pop Roxie did.
  • After shooting Brycen Man, you can go to the theater immediately and watch it. Then you can either stay at Pokestar Studio for a while to shoot some more films, or simply return to Virbank City to continue on your journey.

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