Force Gem Quest - Build Fences around Village

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Build Fences around Village.


Quest Data

Who/What Is Required Bridgeworker / 20 logs
Location Trading Post - Anouki Village
Whittleton - Anouki Village
Where New Tracks Appear Northwestern part of Snow Realm. These tracks lead to Snowdrift Station.


  • Visit Anouki Village. Talk to the Anouki who wants to build fences so that they would have less guarding duty.
  • After beating Ocean Temple, visit Trading Post and talk to the bridgeworker. Bring him to Anouki Village.
  • Then you need the lumber. Visit Whittleton after you got the Freight Car at Goron Village. Talk to the lumber seller and he'll sell 20 logs for 100 rupees.
  • Bring the lumber to Anouki Village. If a monster hit the train during your journey, three logs will fall from the train for an attack, so be careful not to be hit by anything.
  • When you reach Anouki Village, talk to the Anouki by the bridgeworker. He'll give you the Force Gem, enhancing the tracks in the northwestern part of Snow Realm, enabling you to visit Snowdrift Station at the end of this track.