Snowdrift Station

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Snowdrift Station in Snow Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • You can visit this station after you received the Force Gem from an Anouki who was planning on building fences around the village.
  • Go up the snowdrift path and go into the shrine.
  • This dungeon has four rooms in the basement. At the end of each room, there is a sign of hints as to the order to hit the switches at the center room. Collect all the hints and come back to the center room.
  • Hit the switches with the Boomerang. Be sure you follow the correct order when you hit them. After hitting them in the right order, a bridge leading to the center of the floor will appear.
  • Defeat four monsters in a small chamber. You need to bomb the monster twice to get them naked so that they are vulnerable to your sword.
  • You'll obtain the Alchemy stone from the treasure chest at the last room.