Goron Village

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Goron Village in Fire Realm.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit Goron Village after you collected Fire Rail Map.
  • From the station, head west to another area. Kagoron, the Mountain spirit's messanger is at the top of this area.
  • After talking with Kagoron, return to the station. A Freight Car, which can carry a series of large stuffs, is attached to your train.
  • You must bring something cold enough to cool the lava disturbing the Goron villagers. Head for Wellspring Station in Snow Realm.

After Purchasing Mega Ice

  • After purchasing 20 blocks of Mega Ice at Wellspring Station, head back for Fire Realm. The moment you entered Fire Realm, the Mega Ice begins to melt. You must reach Goron Village before all of the Mega Ices are gone. You can't take the shortest way to Goron Village because a new Bomb Train has appeared on the track and it won't let you pass. You should take the other way around all the way through the northern part of Fire Realm.
  • After arriving at Goron Village, hurry to talk to Kagoron as soon as possible, for the blocks of Mega Ice continues to melt until you put them onto the lava. After successfully delivering the Mega Ices, the lava will cease to pour up and you can go into the village.
  • Talk to the Elder of the village. The Elder's house is located at the top of the mountain. When you speak to the Elder, his grandson will inform him that you're the one who got rid of the lava. The Elder will let you pass into the secret passageway to Fire Sanctuary.
  • Go into the secret passageway. Go through the cave and leave the dungeon by the northeast exit to appear in Fire Sanctuary.

After Restoring Tracks to Fire Temple

  • Talk to the Elder again to learn about three locks before Fire Temple. Talk to all the villager Gorons to know how to obtain the keys.
  • Head east for Fire Temple.
    In order to get into Fire Temple, you need to collect three keys from monsters. When you run across one face to face, make a short noise, then a long noise with the whistle. The monster will stop moving around and curls up, so shoot it with the cannon. It will drop a key to Fire Temple. After collecting all three keys, the entrance to Fire Temple will open.
  • Enter Fire Temple to explore the dungeon.