Wellspring Station

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Wellspring Station in Snow Realm.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit the sole house (it's more a train car than a house) in this place. You'll find a map on top of the desk. It shows you where the train expert Ferrus should be today.
  • Leave Wellspring Station to search for Ferrus. After visiting Ferrus' house at Wellspring Station, you should have clues as to where he is today.
  • When you find Ferrus, stop near him. He is the man taking photos by the tracks.
  • Ferrus will show you an old map. Blow into the mic to clear the dust. Ferrus' map shows you the Spirit Tracks. You can visit Snow Temple only via Spirit Tracks, so draw lines on your own Map to remember which rails belong to the Spirit Tracks.
  • Head for Snow Temple. Once you are in the maze, be sure to stick to the Spirit Tracks so that the blizzard can't have you sent back to the beginning of the maze.

After Obtaining Freight Car

  • After having the Freight Car attached to your train at Goron Village, visit Wellspring Station to collect the Mega Ice.
  • Talk to the Anouki selling the Mega Ice. If you haven't brought any Anouki to Wellspring Station, bring him here first. (See Force Gem quest, Place to Make Mega Ice)
  • Buy 20 blocks of Mega Ice from the Anouki. You can cut the price to as low as 15 rupees if you keep declining offered prices.
  • Get on board and bring the Mega Ice to Goron Village.