Anouki Village

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Anouki Village in Snow Realm.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit Anouki Village in the Snow Realm. Talk to the honcho of the village. He is in the north house.
  • Divide six Anouki villagers into three pairs. Listen closely to their demand, then make pairs so that everyone accepts his partner.
  • Once you get how to make Anouki pairs for guard duty, talk to the honcho again. Let him know how to divide the villagers into three pairs by drawing lines between a villager and his counterpart. After successfully making pairs, you'll receive a red rupee (20 Rupees) from the honcho.
  • Head for the Snow Sanctuary. You have to pass a tunnel on the way. When you enter the tunnel, a crab-like monster with one enormous eye will appear and begin to chase your train. Blast its eye with your cannon. After shooting its eye five times, the monster will collapse and stop chasing for a while. When the monster starts to run after your train, hit it with your cannon again. Repeat this until you defeat the monster.
  • After defeating the one-eyed monster, you can get out of the tunnel. Visit Snow Sanctuary.

After Restoring Tracks to Snow Temple

  • Talk to the honcho of Anouki Village. He'll tell you about Ferrus, an expert of trains.
  • Leave Anouki Village and head east. Just before the east plain, you'll notice a station. Stop by the station to visit Wellspring Station.